Network+ class at local tech school

galorybergaloryber Junior MemberMember Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
I'm signed up for a certification course at my local tech college for the Network+. It's an accelerated course from January 4th to the 13th, so I'm trying to get everything started / finished before the course even starts, starting with Professor Messer and then ... a book, regardless of which one...

It's a cert course, and they named the course Network+, but the book they're selling for the course is the Microsoft 98-366 Networking Fundamentals book. My question is, do you guys think this books stands up to other Network+ books? I studied for the A+ with Mike Myers book and aced the exams, I guess I expected they wouldn't have me studying for an MS exam to pass a CompTIA exam.

What would you suggest for the Net+?


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