Security Lab Question

So setting up a security lab to work through CEH and OSCP self-study. I am running all my systems on Oracle VirtualBox on one desktop. So here's the deal. I want my hacking machine (Backtrack 5) to be on a seperate network than my network infrastructure that I plan to exploit. So here is my plan (and I want to know if this will work).

One switch with two different VLANs
Two routers (one for each VLAN) on the switch
Two different NICs on my desktop (one connected to each VLAN).

Then I will configure the network settings on my Backtrack VM to operate using one network interface. And all other VMs will be configured to use the other network interface. (Both will be using Bridged networking)

So the question is...WILL THIS WORK? Can you distribute VMs on different VLANs in this way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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