Now this would be a cool datacenter to work in...

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This Norwegian Data Center Is Built in a Cave and Cooled by Fjords

I love caves, and I've always wanted to go to Norway. icon_cool.gif I bet the area around it is beautiful too.


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    It would suck to have to lug an oxygen tank around just to go work on your servers.
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    Found a gallery for it... place looks amazing: Green Mountain
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    I can imagine in the future instead of hearing about miners being trapped in a coal mine, you will see "100 IT admins trapped in a collapsed data center".
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    DPG wrote: »
    It would suck to have to lug an oxygen tank around just to go work on your servers.

    You just might have to do that..
    • Closed caverns enable the use
      of inert / hypoxic air ventilation
    • Reduced oxygen level to prevent fire and smoke
      - 02 reduced to 15 -16 %
      - Fire cannot arise as the combustion process
      does not get enough oxygen
      - Corresponds to an altitude of approx. 3,000 m
    • Hypoxic air ventilation/Inert ventilation system
      - Reduces/limits smoke formation
      - Prevents combustion/fire
      - Ensures continuous operation
      - No fire damage
      - No secondary extinguishing damage (corrosion,
      harm to the environment, poisoning, etc.)
      - No problems with hard disks due to the triggering
      of fire extinguishing equipment

    Source = Green Mountain
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    Looks like I just found my new hide out when the zombocalypse hits !
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    drkatdrkat Banned Posts: 703
    A company here did something similar except it was in old Army bunkers.. I'll see if I can find any pics
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    It would be cooler if Heimdall was their head of security.
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