Is it possible to enter in cisco voice from zero

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I know that in order to strat as entry position we have work as NOC with CCNA and CCNP.

I want to know that if someone has no experince and do CCNA voice. then can he start the job in there.

Or for Voice jobs one has to have cisco experince in NOC


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    for starters dont you need ccna r&s before you can branch off to specialist areas such as voice and security?
    and also like anything it depends what they want from the job requirements.
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    mattau is correct. you must have the prerequisite of the vanilla CCNA before you can obtain the CCNA: Voice credentials.
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    The biggest challenge would be finding an employer that would take you on as a voip/voice engineer with little experience. Unless you already have the experience with voice or a history with the company
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    Yes, you can.. but thats assuming you already have some sort of technical background..

    if your asking us if you can land a voice job with no previous experience of ANYTHING in the tech field then I will bet you wont have much luck getting a voice job.

    Nothings impossible man.. but your odds are that much greater.
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    Well i have 3 years system administration experience Linux and Windows but no cisco related experience. SO it means if i do CCNA VOice then i can apply for those job??

    I agree with you that nothing is impossible. I remeber during my first job i didn't knew anything about Linux and Win server.
    But the previous working candidiate was in hurry to leave job so he selected me. ha ha.

    Any thing can happen in this world
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    Contrary to what I've seen on this forum, from my experience most employers are more interested in your ability to do the job, than how long you've worked in the industry. Key phrase in that sentence being "ability to do the job". Sometimes, the number of years you've been in the industry translates over to job accomplishing ability, but thats not always the case.

    After getting a CCNA/CCNP, will you be offered a senior level position in a company with high pay? No. But your knowledge will give you the ability to move up hell of a lot quicker than the people who are convinced that you must first work low level jobs for a number of years before bothering with certifications.

    I've seen both sides of it man. My best friend is a guy who let his CCNA expire a few years back and never bothered to go any higher. He knows his stuff cold just from hands-on experience and is in charge of IT networking for number of hospitals. He has CCNP's working under him, but he's the lead guy...I've also known someone who got his CCIE without experience, applied for an internship for a few months, and was offered a very nice job after management realized he could run circles around much of the senior staff. As Tokhss said, nothing is impossible.

    EDIT: I should also add...I'm speaking from a R&S point of view, not voice. Couple points specifically about voice:
    1. The CCNA Voice focuses more on configuring voice networks that are already set up, as opposed to actually setting them up. Many find doing the CVOICE/CIPT1 more beneficial to start from a knowledge perspective.

    2. Voice labs are pretty pricey, though the prices have come down lately. If you plan on going this route (get certification w/o experience) you ABSOLUTELY need to lab everything. That being said, the CCNA Voice requires a lab that is already set up (Which you don't learn how to do until the CCNP Voice), so you'll either have to spend some time figuring it out, or have someone set it up for you.
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    Pretty much what RickRandhawa said, I was lucky(unlucky) and my first NOC job once I obtained my CCNA was heavily saturated with VoIP so it made sense for me to go that route. I've seen my previous employer try to hirer guys for NOC tech positions there that didn't have any network experience fall flat on their face. This was due to not knowing the fundamentals of how an IP packet gets routed. If you don't understand how to get an IP packet to cross a network how on earth are you going to understand how to route voice inside of that IP packet. I would of fallen straight on my face too though if it wasn't for the CCNA.
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