Requirements for 802.1q Trunking (Speed and Duplex?)

CiscoCertsCiscoCerts Posts: 112Member

I ran across a practice question which mentioned restrictions on port speed/duplex but I've found no such documentation online or in Cisco Press ICND2 or BCMSN, the practice question said full duplex was required as well as 100mb speed. I've tested trunking on 2 2950s and was able to trunk 802.1q at 10/half without issue, also worked in packet tracer.

Any of you out there ran into anything regarding this?


  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Posts: 844Member
    I have never seen those requirements, but there is alot of incorrect information out there. If you made it work on two real 2950s, there's your answer. I don't think you will see any questions about it if that's what you are worried about.
  • CiscoCertsCiscoCerts Posts: 112Member
    Okay, cool - that's what I was looking for. Thanks SharkDiver
  • Forsaken_GAForsaken_GA Posts: 4,024Member
    There used to be limitations on dot1q trunking, but alot of those have been eliminated through IOS updates. For example, if you run an old enough IOS on a 2610 or 2611, since it has Ethernet ports, it won't do dot1q.
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