Default equipment/ios on the test... and switchport admin mode...

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I'm studying for the CCNP switch test.

Jeremy is telling me that "dynamic desirable" was the default administrative mode on switchports. I've verified this on 2950/3550's that this is true.

However, on the 3560's in my lab, this is NOT true and it threw me for a loop for a bit. The default is "dynamic auto".

He also stated that if you disable negotiation that you have to do it on both sides. However, if I have one with nonegotiate and the other as dynamic desirable, it shows me trunking on both sides.

Then again, if I set both to trunk mode with nonegotiate but with different encapsulations, they both show up with with different encapsulations. How can this be? When I set to trunk mode with nonegotiate, is it always considered "up" but not working?

What can we expect as far as standard equipment/IOS on the test?

Thanks again for your time in replying. :D

Your Cisco friend in Virginia!
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