Bridging with Windows 2003 Server

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Hi all,

I've been reading about this and it seems logically possible, but I wanted to get some opinions from other IT experts before I attempt this.

I just moved into a new house and I have about 6 PC's, but I want to arrange them differently this time around. For instance, I have the main family PC in the living room which gets its Internet connection via a Netgear wireless router which is connected to the cable modem.

I also want to get Internet (as well as home network) to my other 5 PC's which I am placing in my new garage :D:D yay finally. So the question is: Can I bridge a network connection on the Windows 2003 Server machine with a WIRELESS usb adapter and then plug the other NIC cable into my 8 port Netgear wired router and then wire all the other machines into that 8 port router to achieve Internet access on all 6 PC's?

I apologize if the wording is confusing, I will clarify if need be. Thanks for looking in advance. :)


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    Yes, the bridging option in xp (and hence 2003, though I haven't tried it on that version, but I assume) is developed for such a situation, bridging a wireless and wired network (select both interfaces in Network Connections, right-click, and click "Bridge Connections"). Note that ICS and ICF cannot be running on any of the 2 network interfaces in the server, and all network nodes attached to these interfaces should use the same internal IP range (I.e. DHCP range from your wireless access router).
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    Thank you Webmaster. I had read that Windows 2003 server does not support bridging for the "web edition" and "datacenter edition". My copy came with the MCSE Sybex books and I have no idea which version that is, so I guess I will find out soon enough :D
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