Project Management Certs....can someone rank them for me?

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Ideally, I would like to complete PMP or ITIL Expert, but in the meantime, how would you rank these on a resume if you were a hiring manager?

Microsoft Operational Framework
Certified Associate in Project Management
ITIL v3 Foundation
Microsoft Project (the application)
CompTIA Project+


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    ITIL Expert isn't a PM cert, specifically.

    But here's what I'd rank what I know of on the PM side, top to bottom:

    Prince2 (more of an outside US thing)
    . . . another international PM cert, the name eludes me at the moment. . .
    (whatever college PM certificate, usually post-grad)
    CAPM (from the PMI folks)

    ITIL anything is a methodology for structuring IT. Sure, there may be some project management in there by necessity, but ITIL is more of a "best practices" recipe for how to best run IT. It came from a study commissioned by the British government with the intent of improving their IT functions. There are one or two other IT "recipe" certs along the same lines as well. Microsoft's MOF is their spin on ITIL, more focused on the development activities of a typical organization.
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    Project+ is a really good cert if you want to know what project management entails. It is based somewhat on PMI's methodology. It's not really a cert that will get you a $100k+ PM gig, but more of preparation to get you in the mindset of what to study when you gun for CAPM or PMP (or even Prince2 if you're gonna go in the international arena of project management.)

    CAPM/PMP is a very involved process to study for and take the exam. However, a good start would be Project+.

    Funny thing about ITIL is that my graduate-level Information Systems Principles class that I'll be taking in a month is supposed to be based on ITIL methodology. In theory, I'm supposed to be ready to take an ITIL exam after I'm done with the course. Something I will have to look into in the spring when I'm done with that. (And no, it's not like WGU where an ITIL cert will be used in lieu of credit...though I suppose that wouldn't be terrible.)
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    Thanks for those replies. I have experience, but I don't have any certs.
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    To elaborate on what others are saying, PMP (or Prince2) is not really in the same league as the others. If you are looking to be a professional project manager, PMP is the only certification worth pursuing, period. If you are going to be in a technical or managerial role that involves project management, CAPM or Project+ could be nice additions to your resume, but neither will get you a job. Project+ in particular is unlikely to make any impact on your ability to get a job, a raise, or a higher starting salary. Project+ is a good way to learn about project management, but not get a job.
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    Here are some that I am familiar with

    PMP is the most known and widely respected.
    Six Sigma can be used to drive projects and measure. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
    SCRUM / SCRUM Master
    Prince2 Practicner

    Depending on what type of projects you are managing and what part of the world/country/region/industry/etc would greatly scope the direction you would want to go into.

    I currently work two jobs one in a hospital environment and the other as a service provider to other companies. The hospital environment requires all their PM's to have a black belt in Six Sigma. This is especially important since quality in health care is so critical.

    My other position where I work with an engagement manager really looks at the PMP favorably along with ITIL.

    My friend's wife who works as a program manager for Express Scripts is a SCRUM Master. They management projects using that framework. At least that is my understanding. It really all depends, but IMO the most bang for your buck is going to the the PMP or Black Belt.

    I'll rank them based off of my real world experience and assumptions

    1. PMP
    2. Six Sigma Black Belt
    3. Prince 2
    4a & b. SCRUM Master|Agile
    5. CAPM
    6. Project +
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