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I hate having to launch putty when I am on a window system to use ssh. Anyone know of a command line client?

Seriously, I just want to type "ssh servername01" and it work. Nothing more. Ideas?


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    Try this - just tested it on Windows 7

    Change the name of putty.exe to ssh.exe and move it to C:\Windows\System32

    Then from the "Run" or the windows search box type "ssh servername.whatever"

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    alxxalxx Member Posts: 755
    1. put putty on the systems path. add the directory putty is installed in to your user path variable

    2. use cygwin , configure it during install for ssh and networking and add it to the systems path (also gives you linux commandline tools for windows)

    3. Get putty connection manager so you can have multiple putty windows (or tabs) and tile them nicely

    4. use cygwin and install screen

    PuTTY: Extreme Makeover Using PuTTY Connection Manager

    PuTTY Session Manager
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