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I need to rethink my desk. Currently I have a 27" wide screen and a 22" wide screen. I'm using the 27" as my main screen then have the 22" off to the side. Switching between the 2 different sizes is hard on my eyes. So I could just get another 27" and go that route. Or I could get 3 24" for the same price as the extra 27". If I did the 3 24's, I could put the 22 above and have 4. I'll try to find a picture of my current set up. Mainly I work on multiple PC's, local and remote. If I'm working with one local I use the 22" off to the side for the pc I'm working on. Humm I just can't figure out the best setup.
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    Is there's too much of a size difference if you rotate the 22"? 27" in normal (landscape) position with 22" in portrait position next to it might work.

    I have a pair of 24" monitors for work, and a 25.5" that is my personal monitor. All 3 are 1920x1200. I put the 25.5" in the middle. I've gotten used to the slight size difference.

    Only thing is if I ever change jobs and have to give the pair of 24" monitors back to my employer, I'm going to miss having 3 big monitors and will probably have to buy new ones for myself. 1920x1200 monitors are really hard to find these days. icon_sad.gif
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    4 large monitors sounds like a bit much... I roll with 2 24'' monitors and they work nicely. When I first started at this gig, I had 6 monitors all connected at my desk hahaha. It created sorta like a half circle around me.
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    At work I go (left to right) iMac 21.5 > Dell 22" > Dell 22" The only thing that is off putting is the brightness as the iMac is glass and the Dell are just Matte. i prefer the iMac screen, but I'm about to drop one of the Dells and move the imac over into it's place and just have Remote desktop up on the right monitor with my email (Still running Exchange 2k3 so can't use Office for Mac or Mail.)

    At home I have a 22" as my main and a 17" on the right. I don't really mind it, the only thing that bothers me if that if I want to spread out my VMs or remote desktops as I work I can't fit many on the side.
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    I was originally at 19-19, then 24-19 and now I run 19-24-19. With the 19s rotated vertically.
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    There was a recent thread about various desktop setups if you are looking for ideas - see here: http://www.techexams.net/forums/off-topic/79688-awesome-setups-thread-pics.html

    I personally use 4 24" monitors running at 1920x1080 which I mount on a quad arm in 2 over 2 configuration.
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