Opinion for taking Server+ and Security+

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Just finish getting Network+ today. I did my A+ in Oct 2011. Half around one and half year of experience in desktop support/computer hardware.

Which one would be the most ideal next step for me? I plan to do both Server and Security. I was wondering which one would be easier or more ideal to pursue first. For those people that have taken both, I want some intakes.


I do not have any prior server or security experience. Build 2 servers with a colleague in the past, never manually configured one. Thats as much server exp as I have.


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    I'm not sure Darril's intent was to get you to duplicate your first thread here.

    Have you reviewed the exam objectives to see which looks like it's more in line with what you already know? Security+ is probably harder if you don't have much experience with either set of topics. Server+ has a lot more overlap with Net+ and A+, and will be slightly more applicable to your current line of work.

    Honestly, the short answer is "flip a coin". If you put your mind to it, you could take and pass both of them before March, maybe by February. The order in which you do them really does not matter.
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    If you buy, otherwise obtain Darril's Get Certified Get Ahead Security+ book and are a human being of reasonable intelligence, you can pass Security+. Especially if you already have A+ and Network+.

    Server+ is pretty much for someone who has dealt with Server environments/RAID. IMO, it is much harder for a novice to study for that exam than it is for Security+. However, if you've worked on hardware setup at the server knowledge, Server+ can only add to that.

    I really thought Security+ was a difficult exam before I studied for it. After reading Darril's book and taking the exam....it left me asking myself "Really?" Especially since reading subsequent reviews of his book from people who couldn't even spell security, let alone deal with the Security+ objectives but yet still passed.

    Darril is that good! :)
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    Ideally, I would like to get the easier one over with first. I know it's a hard question to answer. Since it all depends on the knowledge and working experience. Since I already have the server book, I'll start with it first initially. I order Gibson book on amazon, but it has yet to be ship, and prob will take a while, since I need them to ship it to Canada. But my obstacle is, server+ has really lack of soures, while security on the other hand has ample of sources. So, this is one reason causing me the headache.
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