CISSP now, if not what?

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First of all I am new to the site, so forgive me if this is not the optimal posting area (or the question is a repeat).

I am currently an MS IS student, with a BBA concentrating in info systems, but I have no "real" work experience ( relevant that is). I am very interested in obtaining a CISSP Cert at some point, but I worry that due to my lack of experience I will not be able to obtain the four years of experience to go from an associate(ISC) 2 cert to a full CISSP in the time allowed. Should I just hold off a little longer? Any suggestions for useful certifications to start studying for with only an educational background? I really need a job or co-op to begin in June, to fulfill my ms-is 6 months of experience requirement by December 2012.

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    Welcome to the forums! Good onya for thinking about the CISSP and knowing some of its prerequisites. The CISSP is an advanced certification that will serve you better if you have a security related job. Without some job experience under your belt, the learning curve for the CISSP will be very steep, not impossible but very difficult. Curious to know why you'd think about this cert, is security something that interests you, or someone recommended it to you.

    I reckon you should find yourself an entry level IT gig first, work your way up and then think of something like the CISSP. Not discouraging you or anything, just giving you some advice. Just the way someone would find a Ph.D very difficult right out of undergrad school, the same would apply for the CISSP.
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    I am actually on pace to finish my masters coursework in June, despite my recent graduation with my BBA. My interest was peaked by my Cyber Security class, in which the prof has helped many students pass. I just want to gain a competitive edge, especially since I am not sure exactly where I want to take my degree (though it has been suggested I lean towards ERP). I guess I am hoping to be well rounded :/ --any suggestions on very useful certs? Sans GSEC?
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    What about instead of the CISSP (which is a higher certification), go for the Associate of (ISC)² designation by passing the required SSCP examination or the Security+?
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    While I am unfamiliar with both of these specific certifications, I definitely believe (after a brief overview) that the (ISC)2 Associate SSCP may be a very good starting point icon_cheers.gif. However, Security+, as well as CompTIA, is all new to me. I really appreciate the suggestions, and will investigate both further.
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