What's the easiest MCP/Microsoft Certification?

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So I've decided to get my feet wet with Microsoft after tackling the standard three of CompTIA (Sec, Net, and A+). I want to tackle a Microsoft exam and the one I'm most comfortable with is 70-270 given my XP experience (although I've used Vista and 7 extensively as well). So I guess my question is, where should I start with Microsoft? I'm looking to maybe go for my MCSE, so I figured the OS was a good place to start.

Does anyone have any tips for which certification to start with, or if its 70-270, which materials to study with? Currently I have the Sybex book: Amazon.com: MCSA/MCSE Windows XP Professional Study Guide (70-270), 3rd Ed. (9780782144123): Lisa Donald, James Chellis: Books


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    While the MCSE certification has no expiration date, I personally would not spend time pursuing it now. I would suggest that MCITP would be more worthwhile in the longer term, as it is much more up to date. If you have experience with Windows 7 it would make sense to me to start there, most likely with the 70-680 exam. Once you pass the 70-680 you'll be half way to getting MCITP (either Enterprise Desktop Support Technician or Enterprise Desktop Administrator), and also be on your way to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator.

    I'd be interested to hear if anybody has any alternative views, however!
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    I concur with Saundie. At this point it doesn't make much sense investing in 70-270. Only way I would recommend that exam is if your work requires and pay for it. Otherwise you may be better off polishing your skills in Win 7 and taking 70-680. Depending on your experience it make take a little while to bring your skills up to the required level for the exam but I think it makes more sense. The test is famous for not being and easy one as it covers advanced enterprise related topics such as deployment. If you decide to pull the plug on 70-680 then check this thread: http://www.techexams.net/forums/windows-7-exams/72955-passed-70-680-analysis-resources-used-advice.html
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    i work with windows 7 and i can promise you none of these exams look easy.. Microsoft tests are adaptive. I see alot of people passing them tho...
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