Suggestion for controller lab

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Guys, the Official Certification Guide for this wireless certification does a terrible job at showing you the basics on the configuration of the controller. I followed what it said in chapter 13. I kept trying to connect to the controller's web interface through, and I configured everything in that initial setup wizard or what ever you call it when you plug the console cable in and there's no configuration. I followed everything the example says. It turns out, the acutal IP address you use if you follow example 13-3 exactly is hxxps://

Another thing I noticed is it starts talking about the primary and secondary controllers and how to set that up for your APs before you even know how to use the web interface.

My suggestion to all this is to do lab 7-2 in CCNP Switch right after you complete chapter 10 in the Official Certification Guide. That will get you off to a good start. From there you can just cable the topology as shown in the figures in the CCNA Wireless book and do all the configuration as shown in the examples.
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