failed 70 -- 272 with a score of 651

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well guys, I didn't make it. This is very perplexing to me because during the test I found it easier than 70 -- 271. For those of you that have passed the 70 -- 272 exam, how did you feel about the MS press books. My feeling was they covered a lot of material that was not touched on the exam. Does anyone know of another resource I could use to focus my studies more on the necessary to pass the exam i.e. Windows firewall and advanced Internet explore options? Any information would be helpful thank you in advance.
Bradd Edmondson
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PSdoes anyone else feel the same way about the MS press books or do you think I'm just crying over spilled milk?
Bradd Edmondson
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    Try using the free clinic from M$. That's pretty much all I used, other than daily use of XP to pass 271.
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    Bradd78 wrote:
    PS - does anyone else feel the same way about the MS press books or do you think I'm just crying over spilled milk?

    It depends - R U talking just a cup or a gallon of spilled milk? ....jk!

    I agree with you that the MS Press are not the best for the exam, specially if you already have exp. with WinXP/Office. You may want to try out the free MS training, a different book or even buy the transcenders for 70-272. Here's a few links to look at:

    Are you using MS's offer for a free re-take exam?

    Good Luck!
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    Use measureup they are always good and recommended by ms.
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    I used exam cram 2 for this exam and I felt like 90% of the questions in the exam were not covered in the text. I barely passed. My advice would be to get transcender and just use that, I'm not sure how the Sybex book is though.
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    I did use the measure up practice testsI don't feel that their questions are detailed enough. I will continue to study, but I still feel like a real tool because I could not pass this exam. It's just very frustrating because I felt like I knew the material very well especially being master certified in office and specifically in Microsoft Outlook. oh well, at least I did ake advantage of the second chance promotion. oh by the way I recently applied for an Internet technical support position with my local cable company. Nothing glamorous but a good starting point, I will keep everyone posted.
    thanks for listening to my rant
    Bradd Edmondson
    Technical Consultant
    Bradd Edmondson
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Certified Computer Support Technician CompTIA A+ 2006, MCDST & MCSA 2003, Network + ,MOUS Master, Security +
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    I am going to be taking the 70-272 this coming monday, and I was wondering what you felt most of the questions were like? Did the test have a lot of Service pack 2 questions? I keep hearing people say they got a bunch of sp2 Q's? Anyway, the text I used for the 70-271 test ,which I passed with a 900/1000, was the MCDST exams book by charles river media. The book effectively crams all the info. for both tests into one book at around 400 pages and only ran me $35.00. Great book, great buy! I think the best way to study is just do the hands on practice. What I am doing currently for my upcoming test is I am using the measure up questions for the theory/deductive reasoning portion of the test, and I have gone through the book and separated each of the tasks under IE, OE, Outlook XP, and 16/win-16 applications categories. I then go through and memorize the procedures of each task under each category. The problem with the MS press books is that they use the objectives from the MS website, and unless those objectives have been changed since I last saw them, they were kind of garbled together...I mean the tasks are sort of spread out through each of these Applications, and this is the way the press books are designed, no real structure. Kind of confusing if you ask me. The Charles River Media Book Separates each of the objectives/tasks into the four categories I spoke of early, which made it easier for me to learn each of the steps and the basics for each app..IE, OE, Outlook 2003, and the 16 bit apps. Anyway, there is my 2 Cents icon_wink.gif
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    No I dont feel like you are crying over spilled milk. M$ Press books are that bad. They did not prepare me for the exam. I have heard that the sybex books are pretty good.
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    I failed 70-272 last weekend and taking it this weekend... what got me is the time they give you... I felt more rushed than when I did 70-271, just keep an eye on the clock... time seemed to go too fast for me I used up all my time and just about had enough time to review before pressing end exam.... icon_rolleyes.gif
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    I have to agree with comments here.

    What one has to realise is that M$ arent really going to give you all the information (or at least a large chunk of it) that you need to pass THEIR exams are they. They want us to really work for it so the books are only giving u a certain limited amount. The best advice I use for myself is to source as much information from as many sources as possible so that you have more information that you actually need. Thats what Ive done with other exams ive taken. As many practie questions you can fnd with reasons for the right/wrong answer are a must too!

    The XP resource kit is very good too!
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