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hello.. can you pls advice me what best books to read and free tutorials in the net, to prepare me for the exam.this is my first time to take the MCP exam.thanks!



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    New Riders and Sybex are pretty good, so is Exam Cram. Right now on Exam Force you can get a free catalog of books. Check them out. There are some tech notes on here too.

    If you are like me doing self-study then it will take you much longer to get familar with the OS and the ms exam. Try to get some prep tests to test your skills and re-read the materials. I, like many others, dont recommend **** since its only your skills you will be cheating and your prospective employer wages. It should take you 2 months to prepare and pass your first ms exam. Good luck!

    Later on you can buy cbt training per exam as required.
    What next?
    I liked the MS Press books, but these are not books for beginners. I also liked CBT Nuggets and Learnkey video based training. Sybex and Syngress and Examcram 2 are also good books and not forgetting the notes from this site.

    Transcender and preplogic are good for practice exams.

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    thanks for the advice...i really appreciate it...i will update you of what will happen to my exam. :)
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