TCP IP hijacking question

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what is the difference between TCP IP hijacking and a man in the middle attack who is obtaining/collecting network packets? is hijacking having complete control where as man in the middle selects certain packets?



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    TCP Connecting Hijacking is one of the Man-in-the-Middle attacks. With this attack, an attacker can allow normal authentication to proceed between the two hosts, and then seize control of the connection. There are two possible ways to do this: one is during the TCP three-way handshake, and the other is in the middle of an established connection. Connection hijacking exploits a "desynchronized state" in TCP communication. When two hosts are desynchronized enough, they will discard (ignore) packets from each other. An attacker can then inject forged packets with the correct sequence numbers (and potentially modify or add commands to the communication). This requires the attacker to be located on the communication path between the two hosts so that he may eavesdrop, in order to replicate packets being sent.

    Hope that helps
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