Typos/Misinterpretations in 70-229 mock exam?

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I hope these numbers are unique - I'd hate to have to copy and paste the entire questions :) These are the numbers in brackets that appear when reviewing the questions I got wrong... I'll add a brief description in case that's an objective number or something.

(1.3) Airline DB designers want to add a passport field to a reservations table.

The question says they want to add it so they can re-use the passport number for future reservations, and goes on to mention they should be unique. A passport column is of no use in a reservations table if it is unique! No passenger would be allowed to make a new reservation with the same passport number. The answer says "UNIQUE" constraint, but I say it should be a foreign key, with passports stored uniquely in a customer table or something instead. I think the question may just need re-wording, or I am missing something obvious (more likely ;))

(2.1) Question about SQL syntax for creating a database and a log file... the question says GB, but the answer is given in MB. I chose the wrong answer, and I realise I was wrong because "gigabyte" is not correct syntax, but unless specifying 10MB results in a 10GB file, the answer is incorrect :) I'm sure this is just a typo.

Also, the text at this link http://www.techexams.net/technotes/mcdba/physicaldatabase.shtml says:
The following is a step-by-step guide in creating the Sales Database with a SIZE of 50MB, a MAXSIZE of 200MB, and a FILEGROWTH of 10MB.
but the example actually says
SIZE = 15MB,


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    Thanks for pointing out the typos. They'll be corrected asap. sorry for the trouble.

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