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Hi guys,
Getting ready for my first test and really nervous, can anyone tell me what to expect going into the tests? i.e room layout, how to take the test, just so i am fully prepared!!!!
Thanks Guys and Gals!


  • TransatlanticTransatlantic Member Posts: 120
    Most test centers will have either a seperate room or a screened of area of their computer lab for test taking. Pretty basic really, just a desk and a pc. I'd take some water and maybe some chocolate for Brain fuel, and also in case you have any delays, nothing worse than trying to take a test when you're hungry.

    Test format will be similar to the practice tests you've taken, I found the transcender ones to be pretty close to the real deal, for the 2 certs I've taken. So expect multiple choice answers, select all that apply, that kind of thing

    Other than that, they should provide you with some note paper and a pencil to jot down ideas. They should take this from you at the end of the test. If you're taking a long test pray for a comfy chair as well icon_wink.gif
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    Get a goodnight sleep, try not to cram before the exam. Remain calm and focus, eat a small breakfast, arrive at test center 15 mins prior to exam start and finally GOOD LUCK!
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