Passed Network+ (N004), One book recommendation

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Passed the Network+ (N004) yesterday. I used Mike Meyer's AIO Network+ and his practice tests for material. His book isn't bad and it matches his practice tests very well (and other online tests), though some of the questions out of the 800 were simply messed up/wrong. However, the Network+ exam was really different than the practice tests provided, as about 60-70% of the exam was all troubleshooting (this user is having a problem/did something, what is the most likely cause?). Only a few question on command line tools (I was not presented with an image at all throughout the test), no subnetting at all (which is a shame as I feel confident in that area), only one or two questions on authentication, a few on cables, few on OSI, and the rest of the filler were port numbers. I know this test is about to retire so I don't know if this information will help anyone but here it is.

The book that I do recommend to people who, like my self, have trouble grasping the WAN technologies should check out this book: Telecommunications Essentials ( )
This book helped answered the WHAT and WHY about a technology (for instance, WHAT exactly IS Frame Relay and WHY was it needed?) You don't need the information to answer the WAN questions on the Network+ (I just got the book a day prior to the exam and only got to read some parts, reading lots of it now), but for those who want to understand the technology a lot better than the short paragraph or two that you are given, this is not a bad buy for the $18 used.

Good luck to all taking the test.


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    Congrats on the pass and thanks for the heads up on what you used. Whats next for you?
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    Thanks for the kudos. Next week I'm taking the Security+ to (hopefully) finish up the CompTIA trifecta. From there I would really like to start on the vendor specific certifications so I'll spend two months studying for the MCITP and CCENT/CCNA. I work for the USPS and would like to get an IT job within the government so I'm trying to follow the DoD 8570 outline. Problem is I have no experience to show on paper and it is required for just about every position, so I'm hoping the certifications will help me a bit in that area, only looking for an entry level job (and then will jump up the ladder from there). Thanks for asking and will post results of Security+ and experience next week.
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    Looks like you have a good plan laid out. How long did you study for the Network+ also for the Security+
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    I studied for two and a half weeks for the Network+, and am going to start this weekend for the Security+. Just browsing through the Security+ book I think it will be easier than the Network+ was for myself because I'm more familiar with the material. The Network+ stuff I was familiar already with consumer-side stuff, like making cables, using the familiar command line tools, configuring consumer-grade routers and so forth, but there was a lot I wasn't familiar with such as the WAN technologies (T-carriers, O-carriers, the technologies used between both, protocols, etc), the OSI model, and some of the protocols mentioned. That area I am still a bit fuzzy in (just exactly how do the BGP/IGP protocols work, I know what the book says but I need another source) but it wasn't presented on the Network+ exam that I took (only two questions were about IGP, but not what they specifically did just in what type of systems they were used).

    I'm planning to read Gibson's book this weekend (3-day, will be tough with work and classes) and then just take some practice exams till Thursday. Hopefully this works, will let you know (don't want to waste the money!)
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    Congrats cownaetion, studying for my N+ at the moment, thanks for the heads up on the old exam...that's the one I plan on taking.
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    cownaetion wrote: »
    Passed the Network+ (N004) yesterday.

    Congrats on the Network + pass.
    cownaetion wrote: »
    I'm planning to read Gibson's book this weekend (3-day, will be tough with work and classes) and then just take some practice exams till Thursday. Hopefully this works, will let you know (don't want to waste the money!)

    When you do the practice test questions in the book, make sure you take the time to read the explanations. Ideally, you should be able to look at any question and not only know why the correct answer is correct, but also why the incorrect answers are incorrect. If you can do that with the practice test questions in the study guide, it won't matter how CompTIA words the questions. You'll pass the Security+ exam with flying colors.

    Good luck.

    Darril Gibson
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    Congratulations on the pass, best of luck on your next one.
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