Pointers for formatting your resume/CV for ISC(2)?

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I'm hoping to get my resume & endorsement submitted to ISC(2) early next week. For those of you that have done this, how did you tailor or streamline your CV? Obviously, I'm guessing I should emphasize things I've done in relation to the security domains, but do you include other certifications & such that aren't directly related to security? Like, would it be superfluous to include my VCP? Or should I, since securing virtual environments is part of my daily duties in my current position?

Also, how far back do you go? 10 years as with any other resume, or only for the 4-5 years required for professional experience?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    pinkydapimppinkydapimp Member Posts: 732 ■■■■■□□□□□
    very good question. :popcorn:
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    dave0212dave0212 Member Posts: 287
    I recently passed my SSCP and thought the same thing, is it worth going back through my work history to satisfy 1 years experience
    I emailed ISC2 and they advised as long as my current role satisfied that I didn't need to go back further

    The rest I left as is, qualifications etc

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    DazeByGoneDazeByGone Member Posts: 8 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I just turned mine in last week.

    I come from a different background, but the last 6 years was in IT. So, I didn't mention my other career, only the IT Sec. stuff. I detailed what I did, and specified which of the 10 CBK it covered. My thought there is that I wanted a crystal clear mapping of my experience to each applicable domain so nobody has to waste a single moment trying to decipher if my work experience is valid. I listed all my other related certs and papers/presentations/publications and my education history.

    This resume I turned in pulled from my "normal" resume to use what is pertinent to ISC(2). They don't care about the rest of my background, so I didn't bother them with it.

    For what it is worth, another CISSP told me I should keep my resume to one page, but I didn't find that listed on the "you passed" email or on the ISC(s) info. pages. But, in any case, mine was only one page. Helped by the fact that all my IT Sec. experience was gained at my current job, so there is the single job reference rather than multiple ones. I don't know how anyone could hope to keep their CV to one page if they had multiple jobs to include.
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    pinkydapimppinkydapimp Member Posts: 732 ■■■■■□□□□□
    quick question. Can i just email the endorsement and resume to programs@isc2.org or does the form need to be faxed or mailed?
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    Pinky&TheBrainPinky&TheBrain Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□
    quick question. Can i just email the endorsement and resume to programs@isc2.org or does the form need to be faxed or mailed?

    As per the e-mail we received it say this:
    Please mail, fax or email these items to:(ISC)2 Programs
    Attn: Endorsements
    33920 US Hwy. 19 N., Suite 205
    Palm Harbor, FL 34684

    Fax: +1.727.786.2989
    Email: programs@isc2.org

    Hope this helps buddy.
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    LobLob Member Posts: 25 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I sent them a PDF of my CV with highlights and comments showing which bits of roles were linked to which domains and how. That PDF was also sent to my endorser.

    In addition, I went through all of the domains where I had experience and showed how many years (all more than 5) and as my present role is 5 years old, simply linked into my present role and provided only contact details for that role.

    I think it's wise to show all of the experience you have rather than just cherry-pick what you think are the most applicable - leave that to the reviewer.
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