New to TechExams, and new to certs

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Hi all,

After much internal debate I decided to embark on the A+ cert as part of my base foundaion. I am currently studying for the Core exam and feel im almost ready. My ultimate goal is to reach some of the more advanced Linux certs, as I am a linux guy icon_cool.gif So most likely RHCE. Here is my current path:

A+ Network+ Server+ Linux+

Should I get the Security+ next? My goal is linux certs so should I aim for LPI before attempting RHCE?

Well it started as an A+ post icon_redface.gif Thanks for reading!


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    Hello, and Welcome! I'm sure you'll find much information and help here, as I and many others have. That's a pretty good track to start off with, as it will give you basic pc and network knowledge, a bit more advanced server stuff, and a *nix beginning. Sec+ is a very hot cert right now, so you could definitly look at that as well. I don't know much about Lpi and Rhce, so I'll let someone else go there. To start for A+, take a look Mike Myers AIO guide. It's what I used, I think it's easy to read, and still gets the point across. There's also a good deal on that page if you buy thr A+/Net+ combo for around $80.
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    Thanks for your input =)

    The All-In-One guide seems to be the consensus here so I will probably pick that one up. Right now I am using a Que certification book...seems pretty thorough. Also reading all the free stuff I can and taking free practice tests.

    Actually I do have a question concerning the 6 stages of a laser printer. Is the second stage called Charging or Conditioning, because I keep seeing both from the sources I have.
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    Welcome to the forums :)

    If you want, start a new thread with your printer questions and our best people will help answer it! ;)

    Sec+ is a good option. Take your time and get the certs most useful to your ultimate goal. Will you benefit by having all of them on a resume? Maybe, maybe not....How do you hope to work within the industry? Do you want to be a manager? Support person? Desktop support? Open your own shop or consulting firm??

    I don't think any certification will hurt, just stay focused on the ones that will highlight your talent the best.
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    Well for start I wanted to create a base foundation and I thought the Comptia path I had laid out might just do that. Afterwards I would tackle the more advanced certs. My goal is to work with the linux platform as a system administrator. I have primarily use the RedHat distro so I figured RHCE would be a logical step.

    If you have any suggestions about what certs to get, any at all, I would love to hear them! icon_lol.gif
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