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I had never realized this before, but CBT Nuggets has a Cram Nuggets package that gives you access to any of their material you wish to view for 24 hours at a cost of $24. While it isn't the best training option in the world, it is certainly a great value if you can take an entire day and go through a complete series, or even two. Since today is a slow day, I am going through the VCP4 nuggets and and transcenders, hoping to take the exam at the end of the week with a little more follow up studying (already took the VMware ICM course to meet that requirement).

I will likely do the same when I am ready to prepare for the VCP5 exam (before the end of February). I also need to brush up on my PowerShell skills, which they have some good options and Don Jones is probably one of the best PowerShell instructors around.

The one thing that really bugs me is that they apparently haven't updated the Exchange 2010 training for SP1, even though the exams have been updated (a fact I was rudely awakened to when I sat for 662 and 663 in the same day and only walked away successful at 663).

Anyhow, hopefully it can be an affordable option for folks that may have not been aware.

Otherwise, I think another good option would be to have your employer spend $2k/year for a subscription... which isn't bad either, especially if you coordinate access among coworkers.
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