Security+ done, thinking about CISSP next. Any thoughts

BeachTech_BeachTech_ Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
Well, I am done with the Security+. I was thinking about taking the CISSP. I find I.T. Security facinating, so it is easy to study for me.

I was thinking about making the next level security certification my goal for 2012. I was planning on taking my time and testing in December 2012 using a solid study schedule. I have an A+, Network+, Security+, Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in I.T., over 20 years in I.T., and the last five in law enforcement I.T. Security (dealing with FBI, DoJ, etc government security regulations).

I am thinking the CISSP would be the next step. I want to make sure my resume looks better than the competition (in other words, my current employer is not going to give me any extra $$ if I get a CISSP). Any ideas/hints from anyone.

Thank you!


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