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I am preparing myself to sit this one in a week or 2 at the most. So far, it seems less difficult than 216 by far. Im going back to the workforce Monday so I can only study at nights. The past 3 days, I have been putting in as much time as I can. I had taken it 1 yr ago and failed since then I have put my studies on hold.

Im back in gear now, just passed 216 earlier this week.

Anything else I should know besides RIS, DNS, GPOs?

Read sybex 217, listen to learnkey 217, using measureup to review.
What next?


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    Hi guys. Am new here but must give you guys alot of kudos. Your forum helped me while preparing for CCNA last year. Am new with windows exams and want to sit for Exam 70-217. I have started reading. I know i should have started with lower courses but guess i want to take the bull by the horn. Am reading the Microsoft book_MCSE Windows 2000 Directory services Infrasrtucture. Please am i in good hands? Where else can i go get some good preparation materials.
    Thanks emeka
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    Do some prep tests to get a feel of what ms requires for you to understand in their exams, we always discourage any and all **** sheets. You can always use Exam Cram to throughly review. Buts ince you are new, I would recommend studying for at least 3 months.
    What next?
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