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I have registered for exam to take place in Feb, and I am going through the last minute uncertainties :) Also, I have gone through multiple quizzes from ccure as well as Shon Harris.
Have heard that there are more scenario based questions in CISSP so would like to know if there are
any other question banks which can help me.


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    There are quite a few scenario based questions, but don't get too wrapped up in it. I never found a good source of questions that were any better than the two you just mentioned. If you study those and learn the material contained in them, you're well on your way to passing. Actually, I heard the same thing you did, but I was surprised how many straight-forward knowledge-based questions still remained on the test. Even the scenario based questions, if read carefully, are based on knowledge you can derive from the questions in the sources you mentioned.

    Your uncertainties should come from what you know or don't know, not based on preparation for the types of questions you may face.

    Good luck
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    Thank you, ZekeCISSP. Appreciated your input on this.
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    I completely agree with ZekeCISSP. There are a lot of questions that are knowledge based.Even the ones that are scenario based you would have to learnt about it to answer correctly. I was also under the same dilemma as you before taking the test reading about the test on various forums. But I was surprised when I took the exam and was happy that I still went through all the study materials which helped me answer any scenario questions that I may have got.
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    The studISCope practice exams available at are probably the closest thing you will find to the actual CISSP exam items.
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    Too be entirely honest with you... I can't remember anything about the exam... icon_smile.gif
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,871 Admin
    Too be entirely honest with you... I can't remember anything about the exam... icon_smile.gif
    Post-exam amnesia is the indication that you can stop worrying and start getting a good night's sleep again. icon_lol.gif
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    The scenario based questions really werent any different than the regular questions. Many were easy and a few just threw in extra information that really had nothing to do with the answer. If you know the material, then dont sweat it.
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    Pinky is right, but the scenario based questions also introduce information that is not required. The trick is to be able to filter that information out. In order to know what is not required, you have to trust you know what is required and pluck it from the questions.
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    I agree with Zeke - the scenario questions I encountered reeked of tactics I'd expect see on a Microsoft exam - ie, a ton of unnecessary, superfluous information meant to lead you astray and take your focus off of what is actually being asked.

    As long as you thoroughly read the questions, you'll be fine.
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