Practice Exam Score

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Forgive me first of all if this is the same topic you've answered recently. My concern is PRACTICE EXAM SCORES. I believe, I'm sorta ready to take the test sometime this week.

How do I weight my strength to sit for the final (CORE). For example, if my scores are between 86% and 98% in Meyer's All-in-One (5th Edition) tests (he has 6 tests in the software coming with the book) ... does it tell me, I"M READY.

I've sat for other online free exams (almost 10-12 exams available) and my scores are again between 75%-92% ... does it tell me I"M READY?

Please know, of course I've read Meyers book thoroughly before sitting for those exams.

I'll appreciate your input here or any further guidance. So far there are may be 1/2 days left for me to sit for the test.

Thank y'all in advance>


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