Need some information regarding CSSLP

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[FONT=georgia,serif]I have good knowledge of C, Perl and learning ASM . Nowplanning to learn Python for some upcoming projects.

Apart from this I wish to have good knowledge of wireless and wireless security.

I am CCNA Certified
Now preparing for Security+.

What should I do. How about CSSLP?
I wished to know, am i on the right track and what I am planning is right or it needs some modification like adding CEH, OSCP,OSWP,CISSP to my career

I am not sure and can't judge better than you folks.
Your small hint and ideas can show me the right path for it.


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    The Security+ is an excellent certification to start studying information security. Please visit the Security+ forum for lots of information about the Security+ exam and certification.

    If you already have the CCNA, it would seem the CCNA Wireless specialization would be the best choice for you. If you find that material is too difficult, the CWTS and CWNA wireless certifications would be better to start. You can find information about those certifications in our CWNP certifications forum.

    You need at least five years of professional work experience in the Secure Software Development Lifecycle to get the CSSLP certification. You can study the CSSLP materials, and even take the CSSLP exam, but without the work experience you won't be certifiable.
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    Having some prior development experience will help with the CSSLP from a terminology standpoint. Keep in mind though that the certification is *not* technical from the standpoint of testing your knowledge of programming. It tests your knowledge of the software development lifecycle as it relates to security.

    Compared to the other ISC2 certifications that I've taken, I found the CSSLP to be the easiest. There's a slight bit of overlap between the ISC2 certifications so after you've done a couple of them, you get more familiar with the question formats and the mindset they're looking for you to approach the exam with.

    As far as preparation goes, I'd recommend that you pick up the ISC2 CBK written by Mano Paul. It's very well written and will help fill in any areas that you're week in.

    Hope this helps.
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