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Hello everyone,

i want to take the network+ exam but i dont know where to start studying. I have with me the following books and i would appreciate any feedback on the books. Let me know if i am on the right path. 1: Comptia network+ by todd lamme 2: Comptia network+ by glen e clarke. Which book will be the best one to study? Thanks for you opinion


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    Apparently the Mike Meyers book is the way to go. I recently bought it and it's quite thorough & easy to read. I also purchased the CBT Nuggets & having used them numerous time previously, they're excellent. The CBT nuggets are taught by someone who is a CISCO CCIE & I suspect he actually goes too deep into the topics. You can get a 24 hour trial for 24 bucks if you want to try them out.
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    How much experience do you have in regards to networking? Have you setup a SOHO before? Are you familiar with networking equipment? Troubleshooting? If your completely new then it may not be a bad idea to pick up a cheap router for $25 or so (picked up a D-Link router that supports 802.11n WiFi capabilities for that price), some cables, and just learn the basics of setting up a small network between two computers. You'll learn a good amount in the process which will help you grasp a lot of the concepts in the book.

    If your already familiar with small private networks and the troubleshooting involved then you should be able to use the book as a reference. I used Mike Meyer's AIO Network+ and his practice exams, however his practice exams weren't that similar to the CompTIA exam. That is not a knock against the exams, just don't put all your hopes into them, focus on the material more than anything else.
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    I read Tom Lammles guide, it was all I needed. Read the two that you have. icon_thumright.gif
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