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So I've been thinking about to what to shoot for next. I'm caught between CCDP, CCNP:Security, or scratch both and shoot for CCIE..

Only reason I'm thinking about CCDP is because I got 5 months before my BCSI/BCMSN expire, so I only need to pass ARCH.. Plus I'm thinking the design knowledge will be pretty helpful, considering I work for an MSP and the first half of working with any customer is hashing out a proper design..

I'd like to do CCNP: Security.. granted IPS might be a bit difficult since I only deal a handful of IPS/IOS IPS devices, although I deal with a good of ASA's on about an everyday/every other day basis.

Then their is drop both and go for CCIE.. I'm slowly building up my own home lab (This way I don't have to interfere with any labs at work) but it's no where near complete yet. Plus I got a few friends/co-workers working towards CCIE and they keep telling me go for it... but I don't know.

Now, with the backstory out of the way.... for those of you that have done the ARCH path, does it contain a lot of good information?
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    Since you only have 5 months id shoot for the CCDP ARCH exam. It is a very exciting and fun exam, you learn all the high end designs that put all the technologies together. It will help you move into the CCNP: Security area as well. I enjoyed it a lot! very fun read!
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    CCIE! With a CCNP and CCIP already under your belt I'm sure you could pass the written in 5 months and that would renew your certs.
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    Only thing that stops me from pursueing CCIE is my age, even if it took 2/3 years I don't think it would look too good. Besides I really want to keep that broad skillset within the Cisco world.

    Since the BCSI/BCMSN are retired I'd have to go back and take ROUTE/SWITCH on top of the ARCH exam (Right?).. sure it would be simply but i just hate to back track.
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