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I have just finished a college semester dedicated to the N10-002 exam however after trying some of these demo questions such as PrepLogic offer, it is obvious I need to study more. And that is coming from a guy who achieved 1139/1200 class points. Sadly I could only do 65% on the demos.

I received an offer to purchase the PrepLogic Net+ practice exams for $60. The regular price is $79. Doing a google search, I can find other online offers as low as $39 for 300+ practice questions from places other than PrepLogic. From your experience are all these companies selling about the same thing?


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    From your experience are all these companies selling about the same thing?
    No, fortunately not. Combining two products will definitely give you better coverage. The difference lies often simply in the amount of text. In the questions and answers (the more like the actual exam style the better) but also in the explanation. In a good product, all the explanations combined should be pretty much a complete study guide. There are several good ones, and some bad ones (including those that sell actual exam questions). Of the good ones, some are better than others, and although the price doesn't always mean everything, it often gives a relatively good indication. That doesn't mean the cheaper ones are no good (at least not all ;)). PrepLogic is one of the better ones out there and that offer sounds good, actually, we'll be offering a similar offer, for other CompTIA exams as well, through our newsletter on Wed or Thursday...
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    A buddy of mine has his CCNA cert and suggested I spend some serious time with CCNA questions. From his observation, he thinks the CCNA content is a level higher than Network+.
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    First, Webmaster has given you excellent direction. Consider using the Network+ study notes and questions that he is offering on TechExams to finish your studying, then, try practice exams. If these notes don't do it, get the Michael Meyers All-in-One Network+ Exam Guide, 5th edition. The all-in-one was the only exam guide that I used for my Net+ studies and it worked real well.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck!
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