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Hello, I am new here but am finally fully focused on continuing education and this seems like a great resource for info. Love what I've seen so far from the community. I am A+ certified and looking for the Net+, Sec+ etc.
To keep it basic because I know theres many posts but can anyone adivse the following:

Net+ 004 vs 005 as far as difficulty? I took college networking class 1 year ago but noticed they updated the test, I will be buying new study materials regardless but have you guys seen higher or lower scores or difficulty ratings?

Also any recommendations on study materials? I hear good things about Mike Meyers AIO and Prof Messer obviously, any others?

Finally, does anyone have any info pertaining to the new Healthcare IT professional cert? Is it worth it or not? When can you find a job in that field? What does it pay? Is it permanent or contract?

Thanks in advance to any and all that respond!


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