Full meshed vs hub unspoken

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Hello to anyone who reads this,

So if I might ask:

Whot's the difference between full meshed (multipoint to multipoint) and hub unspoken (point to multipoint) - technical wise?

I mean whot are the pro's and cons of each option?



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    Hey Stine! I'm going to assume that by "hub unspoken" you actually mean hub and spoke?

    Either way fully meshed networks are great since they provide full redundancy, however they are impractical. In the real world you will typically see hub and spoke networks as opposed to a full mesh. Here's why.

    To workout how many links are needed to create a full mesh network you can use the following formula:

    n x (n-1)/2 where n = node

    so if you have 5 routers you would need 10 iinks in order to be fully meshed. However what if you had 15 routers? Well that would be 105!

    So as you can see full mesh networks aren't very practical which is why you don't really see them very often.


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