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I am looking at purchasing the INE CCNP R&S series, but wanted to get a few personal reviews before dishing out $300.

Anyone use these videos yet? Anything better out there? I am wanting to take a break from reading for a while and figured the videos would do the trick.


  • mattaumattau Member Posts: 218
    I purchased them and have gone through route videos. I love INE and Brian is an awesome instructor. Plus the formatting is good so i put them on my iphone and watch when going to work. The vids go into detail and provide all the info that you might not understand by just reading. Plus Brian has topology diagrams and walks through step by step how things work. I am happy with the purchase
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  • MonkerzMonkerz Member Posts: 842
    Thanks Mattau, I may be purchasing tonight when I get off work!
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    The INE CCIE R&S ATC videos is $299 fyi. I've never seen the CCNP vids but it's a damn good deal if you want to go a bit further into the topics
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    good point, i'd keep my eye out on the bundle deals they do. I purchased an INE bundle with the full ccie ccnp and ccna vids, Id have to say the ccie vids come in handy seems they offer the big details. You could just get the ccie vids and be fine, seems most of the stuff is repeated, it just expands into more complex topologies and features of the protocols.
    CCNP ROUTE - passed 20/3/12
    CCNP SWITCH - passed 25/10/12
    CCNP TSHOOT - passed 11/12/12

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    A mighty +1 for the INE CCNP videos.

    I used them for the CCNP and now for the CCIE R&S

    I'd certainly recommend them and much better than the CBT Nuggets IMO, of course.
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    IMO the INE CCNP is a little dry and boring at times but it has alot of content you definitely have to take notes.CBT nuggets on the other hand the content is easier to grasp but a lot of stuff is left out
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    So INE = more detailed but a little boring
    CBT = Easier to get but left out topics?
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    If you are truly interested in Cisco technology then you will not find INE boring. Brian is not a boring instructor at least. If you like peppy teaching and lots of not always on point anecdotes then CBT is more for you. The two instructors are not as clear cut to like or dislike as in the trainsignal vs CBT comparisons for CCNA that you often see.

    The Brians assume that your end goal will be CCIE and the CCNP is taught as such providing more detail. CBT seems to be geared to getting you to CCNP straight away. Watched CBT at work and own INE personally and have no interest in pushing either one but if CCIE is an end goal you should like INE as many of the vids make good review on core topics.
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    Well, I did end up purchasing the INE CCNP R&S videos. Got through the first one, audio sounds kind of like I am listening to darth vader at times, but we will see how the rest go.
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    I used INE to get my NP, the job provided CBT nuggets and Jeremy is more entertaining, Brian is more detailed as it has been said before. But TheShadow hit it on the head. If you find Networking instructing you will love Brian.
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    I will try Brian starting tonight. My end goal is to get the CCIE. It feels great to finally land a networking job. Hopefully Brian is able to further my knowledge. Working with jeremy from ccna cbts was fun and I learned a lot but I felt it did not go over as much detail.
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