CCNP labs out putting debugs to syslog server.

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I have started to do this lately and finding it really useful so thought I would share. (sure some of you do this already)

When doing labs using the debug command is essential, but I am forever forgetting to turn it on before i do the critical command, or constantly having to switch it on and off, and it fills up the console, looks messy and often you cant even scroll back though the whole lot because you have run out of terminal buffer.

So I now do the following when running GNS3 labs.
  1. First create a cloud and assign it a loop back interface so my PC can talk to the GNS3 network
  2. Run a syslog server on my pc and set it to listen to the loop back interface
  3. create a switch in GNS3 and connect it to the cloud.
  4. For any device I want to send sys its debugs to the syslog enter the following
logging <address of the PC loop-back interface>
logging console 6 <or any lower number to stop debugs logging to console>
logging trap 7

and finally connect an interface to the switch and assign it an IP address in the same network as the loopback.

Now all debug gets logged to syslog and does not clutter up my screen, using something like Kiwicat syslog server and you can filter and review your debugs as your heart desires, While the console on the device stays clean and tidy so reviewing the config your are entering is much nicer.

I covered it in a bit more detail on my blog, but really its very simple to set up if you know GNS3 at all, (nothing stopping you doing the same with real equipment), if you havent tried it give it a go, can be a real bonus in more complex labs.

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