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I am taking 70-271 tomorow, anyone have any last minute tips for cramming, and what to expect from the test, This is my first cert exam.


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    Well I would go skim over your materials again. Get someone to ask you some practice questions if you have them.

    I would also take a look at the 70-270 technotes here. The material overlaps a little bit. I read the 70-270 technotes and when I went to take the 70-271 exam I was shocked to see how much was covered by them.

    Good luck on your exam.
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    I passed 70-271 with an 816, wasn't to bad. I used the MS Press 70-271 text and the 70-271 Exam Cram book, along with the Measure up cd roms that came with them. All topics on the exam where covered by the two books. I also found the Tech notes on this site very helpfull also. Now its on to 70-270!
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    I meant it was on to 70-272, not 70-270 icon_clown.gif
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