Questioning a question?

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Hi Folks.. I found this question on a Practice Exam and was wonding why they say the answer is what it is...

Customer just had a DVD +R drive installed but it cannot burn disks? It can read DVD's and CDRs but cannot burn.. whats the first thing you check on at the customers home?
They say answer is: Make sure media is formatted.
Another choice I like is: Make sure its the CORRECT MEDIA.

First off its a DVD+R ..which does not require Formatting (not a RW drive)
Secondly... I Screw up my DVD-R media with the +R from work all the time and I cannot burn at all at home. If it was a +/- Burner then Media is not an issue..
Just my 2 cents..but I think Formatting is not needed.

Maybe I'm wrong...or Maybe it's a Typo??



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    Is this on our practice exam?
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    No..Not that I recall.. I been through so many of them lately... They are begining to Blur!
    I was just questioning it on it's face... And wanted to reassure myself that I'm not thinking too far off the mark...

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