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Hey all... im taking n10-002 on june 20, im using preplogic , david groths NET+ book and Learnkeys Net+ series. Lots of different info and its all taught in different manners, but what i dont get is how you know figure out what the broadcast ip is given a ip and which one is the network blah blah...also is there any subnetting on the test or just learn which ips fall in which class. I have a month left and im feeling a bit nervous, but im putting in some hours to nail this test..If you all can give me some hints and tips for the test i would greatly appreciate it..THANKS ALL ! !
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    you tell an ip is a broadcast if the host bits are all 1s or 255 in decimal. For example, the broadcast for a class C address such as this one would be The host bits are the last octet while the network bits are the first 3 octets. I doubt it there will be subnetting question on the N+. I am pretty comfortable with subnetting since I am taking Cisco semester 1 right now. I will also be taking the N+ on May 20th.

    Hope this help
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    You are correct. As for subnetting I dont remember any subnetting questions at all on the test.

    Here are some notes I took from this site. :)

    Classes First Octet
    Class A 1 126
    Class B 128 191
    Class C 192 223

    Subnet Masks

    In order for a protocol to be routable a network address must have two parts: a host and a network portion. TCP/IP uses subnet masks to determine which part is the host portion and which is the network portion.

    For example in a Class B IP address with the default Class B 16 bits subnet mask of the network portion is 172.16 and the host part is 12.234.

    Default subnet masks:
    Class A
    Class B
    Class C

    GL buddy and go get em

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