Is the book relevant?

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I have this book on repairing and upgrading desktop computers, which seems to be the best available here in Kampala. It really goes indepth about most modules on a computer, but it seems to be dated earlier than 1999. Basing on all this, do you think this book is relevant to a person planning to sit the A+ core?

Secondly, how easy is it to read for this thing in 4 weeks? icon_sad.gif
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    A lot of it will be relative to A+ Core. Things like resources and terminology--DMA, IO, IRQ, and Memory Address assignments, and terminology like motherboard, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, etc. However, it will not cover newer technologies--that will be a problem. So, I think that I can safely say you will not be able to get ready in 4 weeks with this study resource alone.

    First go to and download the A+ objectives, and then, as you study, make sure that you cover every subject that is on the objectives list. Cruise around the Internet and find info on what is missing. Then, after you get all the subjects covered, take the free practice exams here at TechExams and at to find your weak areas so that you can review those areas.

    I think that if I were unable to get a current study guide, this would be my approach.

    Best of luck!
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