CEH Boot Camp Course - how much study time?

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I am signing up for a CEH boot camp course for April 2nd-6th.

Since I live out of the country, I am flying in for this training and will have to take the exam the Saturday after the boot camp (my time in the US is limited).

I am starting to study now, is there any other certification that I could work on in the meantime that would help prepare for CEH? (i.e. Linux+?)

How much study time should I put in prior to the boot camp?
Is it feasible for me to be able to pass the CEH right after the boot camp? If I lived in the US, I would prefer to take a week or two to study and absorb the boot camp information, but I won't have that luxury. Hopefully, it will work out.

Also, with CEH do you find out the results immediately?
~ elizabeth


  • nicklauscombsnicklauscombs Member Posts: 885
    The best advice I can give is between now and then become very familiar with the topics by picking up books and playing with the tools that are tested on the exam. It is near impossible to absorb all the information in a week class, pass the exam and retain any of the information if you are going in cold.
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  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,876 Admin
    There are several CEHv7 books you can read ahead of time to prepare. Putin a much study time as you can, espeically in the topics you don;t know very much about. How long it will take you learn the material depends on what you already know and how well you study.
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    Definitely buy on of the many C|EH books as much of the course material, at least for v5, wasn't of much "interest" overall. NMap commands, in general would also be of good use of study time as there are many, many commands. Not hard but learning those commands would definitely give you a head start if your not real familiar out of gate. Much the same for Metasploit and Nessus. All heavily favored C|EH material.

    - beads
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    just wanted to update this thread, i took the cehv7 exam today and passed, BARELY. i didn't really feel fully prepared, but went ahead and took it anyway. the class was a lot of material to digest, and i think i would have probably needed to study several more weeks to really feel prepared. (i also used the all-in-one book to prepare.) i took a gamble today by taking the exam when i didn't feel quite ready. i am so glad it's over though, and that i passed! i thought it was a tough exam. now i can start studying for my cism exam in june.
    ~ elizabeth
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