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Hello all. I've been working in the IT field for 3 years now and have finally decided to go after a few certifications. I am scheduled to take the 70-210 test at a prometric facility this friday. Since this is my first test I was wondering if someone could tell me how it all worked. Will they register me with microsoft once I get there? Or does that facility keep up with what certifications i have? If it is kept up w/ by microsoft then can i logon to their website and check the status of my certifications, or to see which ones I have taken, or need to take for the next certification. If anyone could help me with some info on how all this works i would really appreciate it. Thanks.



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    When you take a test Vue or Prometric contacts Microsoft with your results. After passing your first exam, you will usually get MCP status. Within a week or two, you should get a congrats email from Microsoft. Follow the instructions in the email and sign up for the MCP secured site. From that site confirm you information and request your certification kit (includes the wall candy and id card)

    From the MCP secured site you can view and print your Microsoft Transcripts and view what certifications you have obtained.

    You can also view your test history on Prometrics site, but it is not the same as the MCP transcript. Not sure about VUE.

    (sorry if this info is a little off. my first exam was over five years ago.)

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    I just went and took my first exam (70-210) and passed with a 919. The process of signing up and all that was extrmely easy and prometric handled everything and my mcp kit is now on its way. Thanks for your help!
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