getting a job without experience

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Can someone tell me if its possible for me to get a job without experience. i passed my A+ last year and am currently studying N+. hw do i get around this?


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    I've been in the IT field for 11 years. I've moved from the help desk to hardware support to Web development. I have found its hard to transition into a server admin or networking position without experience. I got some sever admin and networking experience at a smaller company when I was a hardware tech. Basically the server/network admin let me work on some projects when he wanted a break. You also need to find a company that will let you grow into other areas. I am working on my network+ to enable me to transition away from web development. I have also taken some programming courses lately to help me do any scripting that might be required on future jobs. Either way I know its hard to get employers to realize you have the skills. An interview doesn't let interviewers see your true potential so I figure some certs on paper will help display some sort of initiative and foundation of knowledge. I recently applied for a junior server admin job and got an interview which didn't go very well. I felt like no one really took me seriously so I hope the certs will help in future interviews.

    **edit** to be a little clearer to your question... I would look for small companies, consultant work, and anything that would let you expand your skill set when you are hired. Getting your N+ along with your A+(which you already have) should get you in the door as a hardware or network tech. Beef up your resume with anything related to the position you are applying for.

    Good luck!
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    I was in your same exact position several years ago, except I was working on my A+ and had no certifications.

    I applied at a company and after not hearing back for several weeks I called back and spoke with the person responsible for hiring. I offerred to volunteer my services for free for several hours a day, in exchange for further consideration of full-time employment in a few months. As soon as I made the offer to volunteer, I was made an offer on the spot and got paid for my services. I didn't have to work one day without pay. This got me into the industry and helped me accumulate enough experience to move on to better things.
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    thank you i really appreciate your advice.
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    Welcome to TE.

    Anything is possible. Some pass exams with only two weeks study time. Others land jobs without experience all the time. As long as you have realistic expectations and are committed to achieving your goals via hard work, you should be good to go. Do your homework, research, devise a plan, execute it, and never quit. That's the secret.
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    it is very possible to get a job without exp. I mean everyone at one point starts out with no experience right? With your certs i am sure you can find an entry level job in helpdesk/desktop services. then just work your way up from there.

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    pretty much all IT ppl start up with helpdesk role. My short term goal too, right now since I am in a helpdesk role, gain the experience from there, along with slowly building up the certs. I wouldn't go for CCNA or CCNP right away. There are many people in helpdesk role actually have those, but they are not working in a networking environment. Why? No experience. Gotta build them up first, and then get the higher level certs after. Building up the CompTIA certs is a good start. I know they have expiry now for the 3 main ones, but renewing security renews both A+ and Net+. So essentially ,u never have to take A+ or Net+ again after passing it.

    My take is, don't just go for a higher level cert just because its good, simply because without the experience sometimes they are pretty much useless to start off.
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