Heard of the IEEE Computer Society Recourses?

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hello guys/gals -

I've been reading a lot of the older posts about how each of you passed the CISSP exam. I plan to take it myself this year and am trying to find the best resources available for studying. I have the 3rd and 4th AIO Shon Harris books, but even the newest one (5th edition), is still 2 years old.

Anyhow, a friend of mine (a CISSP) got me very interested in the IEEE Computer Society web page. The page has everything from online CBTs, books, courses, magazines, etc.

I wanted to know if any of you all have used this for, not just the CISSP, but for any other certification? (the site has loads of training courses for other certs like CISM, CISA, CEH, ISSEP, etc...)

thanks in advance...


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    I used it for the CISM when I took it but it was more as a gap filler than true study material for me. By the time I got around to using it I had already absorbed the official study guide and taken countless practice exams. While there is a TON of material on there, I found that the material I looked at seemed to be pretty old...like almost to the point of irrelevance. I considered renewing my IEEE membership this year for that reason alone but decided against it because of the new domains on the CISSP exam and the seemingly dated nature of the material that I saw there. If that has changed, please let me know because I would renew if I felt like it would benefit me. I plan to also challenge the GREM and GCIH later this year as well so if there is stuff on there for those exams and the CISSP that is fairly up to date, it might be worth it.
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    What's the name of the vendor(s) whose training is made available by the IEEE?
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    thanks shaqazoolu... I'm just glad someone on here knew of the website I was talking about. I called them on yesterday to find out how often the site is updated, but the guy had no clue to who manages that portion of the website or how old it is. bummer

    I don't know of all the vendors JD.
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