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Hello everyone I just happened to find this forum last night and I am really liking it so far. So I am currently working for an ISP mostly doing jr network admin work. My work is putting on a ccna boot camp in the next three to four mouths that I will hopefully be going too. my question is I would like to get a certification in the mine time I currently have the MS press 70-642 from college I was thinking of trying to get a certification with in that time do you think that would be possible and a good idea.The reason I ask is that there is talk of my company getting bought out soon and if so I could lose my job. So I am just think of the future and if I do lose my job I would like to start consulting on my own. So really I am asking what is a good set of certifications for me to start with I know Cisco would be better for finding an other job with a company but I don't think it would be that use full for working on my own.


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    Well what is it you want to do? Server guy? Network guy? Jack of all trades?

    You certainly don't have to limit yourself and should be knowledgeable in all areas of IT, especially if you will be consulting (jack of all trades). Ultimately you need to figure out what interests you and go from there.

    Back when I started out in IT I wanted to be a server guy, so I focused on these areas and went from there. After doing that for a while I decided that networking was more interesting and went in that direction.

    One thing I can tell you is that having worked in so many areas of IT (helpdesk, desktop support, systems admin/engineer, network tech, network admin/engineer) has made me a better engineer today.

    This is your decision and we certainly can't make it for you, just figure it out and go FULL force!!


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    SubnetZero, I believe you just helped me lean towards what I'd like to do next as well just based on your post and certs alone; which is begin the journey to MCITP.
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    Awesome!!! and good luck on your certification journey descender421 !!


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