Passed but slightly annoyed

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On my 3rd attempt I passed today.
The exam proctor was a total ****. My appointment was for 8am. I didn't sit down till 8:20 because she felt that making coffee came before signing in the test takers.

She finally sits me at my testing computer, typed the wrong student ID, and left to go get the right one, on her way out she yells "don't you touch that computer".

Finally as I hand back my scratch paper, I go to the cubby where my phone was and she yells, "Don't touch that", so I say excuse me. She says, I have to mark you down before you can leave. What a total old miserable ****. Not to mention she was wearing sweatpants with socks and sandals. Totally unacceptable testing facility. I will never take another test there, but my normal test center didn't update their systems to the new tests yet.

As for the actual test, the multiple choice questions were fine. I had 4 simulations. I think I got 1 completely right, 2 I probably misses a check mark, and the last one I had to configure a newly configured user account to be the default user profile. I copy the profile to the default user folder, then I tried setting the permission, it would not allow me to add any user/group so I got that part wrong.

Then there was a interactive question where I have to set up a filter to find only failure security audit using the 2 given windows. I could select the check box for failure and use the drop down bars, but it wouldn't allow me to enter the ID code, username etc. So I probably got that question wrong.

This was my 3rd attempt at this test. Last time I failed by 2 questions but that was without the simulation questions. I am just glad to have this miserable test over with.
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