Failed 270 today

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Sat 70-270 today and failed with a 677. Probably only missed by a couple of questions but be warned this is exam is pretty tough.

I got 58 questions, of which 50 counted towards the final score. Not sure which ones didn't count but there was couple of Windows firewall, bluetooth and SP2.

In terms of the questions I found them all quite difficult and quite a lot that i'd never come across anything similar in practice tests. There was questions on system restore, a few on usb which i just guessed as I had no idea, several on remote assistance, RDc etc which were a lot tougher than any i'd seen in the practice exams. There was also a few on disks, iis and permissions.

I have studied on and off for the last few months using the MS book, exam cram, Exam Force's test s/w and sat the practice exams on tech exams and mcmcse and been doing alright, but from the first 10 questions of this exam I knew i was struggling. I've got the free 2nd shot so will do that in a few weeks, can anyone suggest any other study guides that I should try, I had a look at transcender but they wanted a fair amount for their test s/w and I'm only sitting this exam as my work offered to pay for it(providing I pass), probably never studied hard enough. I'm gonna give full attention now till the resit and hopefully will make that.


    Sorry to hear that. Microsoft exams are not easy and many have failed. But don't let this deter you. Review the areas you are weak in and take some time to look over the objectives of this exam. Find a broad scope of reading materials. The Ms press books are good, but there are other books that are a bit more explanational.

    Recommended : Ms press
    Exam cram

    Transcender are very good and probably the best I have seen. But they are expensive, but if your company is picking up the tab there's no worries there. Also try Preplogic.

    GOOD LUCK on the second shot. :D
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    Thanks, I'm gonna resit in a few weeks. :D
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    Well, I'm sure that you now know where your weaknesses are.
    No doubt you'll pass next time. Best of luck!
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    Well man Its hard to see when you failed after a long study. I know just a couple of weeks ago i had also failed the exam with the same points you got. But after freshing up and studying my weak areas i manage to pass this exam without a charm.
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