Worth pursuing 70-290?

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Hi all,
Just wondering if its still worth pursuing 70-290 at this stage, anyone know when its retiring?



  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    What is your ultimate goal? The only scenario where i could recommend going for that test is if your job requires it.
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    My goal is to get more certification, I have the official certification MS books for the four core exams in Server 2003 and was thinking is it worthwhile studying for the exams or should I go with 2008?
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    It is no longer advisable by Microsoft but I am taking it because it is cheaper to study for the exam and also most recruiters know MCSA than they do the new qualifications. I paid £40 for all the books and WinXP/Server 2003 is easy to get hold and also at work I still support Win XP + Win 2003 so I am better off taking the win 2003 exams. I do intent to upgrade immediately after qualifying though.
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    The 290 is not difficult and would provide some good foundational knowledge.
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    Hello ger 1,

    I question this myself. I have had several colleagues stop by and say, "Why are you wasting your time with this server?". My answer is that I started Windows server 2008 and I felt like I was missing something. So, I did a market job search in my area and there are still requirements of server 2003 administration jobs out there. So, I decided to go back to Server 2003 for the foundation of Active Directory and Server configuration. I already have a lab setup with 2003. I believe that once you have a good grasps of AD and Server, the newer server 2008 will be easier to learn and test for.

    Thank You

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