SysPrep windows 7 pro for domain?

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Hey guys,

for years I have had to sysprep each new pc we made from an image.

do you know have to do that anymore with windows 7 pro for domains.

This guys I talked with says you do and he never has had to sysprep any images
he made from even his XP machines. And he is an IT vendor.

Now I am not completely stupid. I have tried not syspreping XP images for our domain
but when I didn't sysprep them with their exclusive/unique key code they always
had issues say mapping drives etc... within in the domain.

so can someone explain to sysprep or not anymore. and why?

I am aware of software assurance where you pay so much a year or volume licensing
but I thought vol licensing was for being able to move a OS from one machine platform
to another but not for creating duplicates to **** the system???

can someone explain this to me thanks.


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