Just Passed 218. MCSA.

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I'm brain dead. I took 210 last thursday (one week ago), 215 this past Tuesday (two days ago) and 218 today. I didn't do hot on any of them, but I did pass them all. I never thought I was ready to pass, but since MS was doing the free second shot, I figured I might as well cram them and at least sit the exam to see where I stand.

I'm going to have nightmares about the MS questions for months. Especially after taking 210, 215, and 218 all in basically the same week. To make matters worse, when I got to about question 40 on the 218, my computer crashed and it took techskills about 3-5 minutes to get the site back up. They acted at first like they couldnt recover it, but after some fiddling they brought my test back up. I was so tired coming into the exam, that if they couldnt recover it, I was going to say screw it I'll come back tomorrow. I was so tired I couldnt take it anymore.

But OMG, I cant believe I actually passed them all. I wasnt expecting to. I have to register with Comptia and Microsoft to get my A+/N+ credit added to the list, but after that, I should officially be MCSA.

Lets see, test scores were,


Not the greatest scores I know, and I could have done better. Next week looks tougher though. I have 216 scheduled for tuesday and 217 scheduled for thursday, then the next tuesday is 70-226 - Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies. I'm just trying to get in my first shots before June 1, when the deal ends.

I seriously dont expect to pass 216. Perhaps I'll pass 217. I dont have any study material for 226 so I'm just going to sit it and see how it is.
I'm thinking of switching 216 and 217, doing 217 first. I think I could study both of them in parallel, try and take out 217, and get the extra two days to focus on 216. I'm cramming as if they are my only shot, just because if there is a chance I can pass it I might as well do it the first time. I'm really glad I caught the MS second shot thingy, otherwise I probably wouldnt have been taking these for another 6 months, and doing like 1 per month.


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    Forget the scores because as far as M$ is concerned, A pass is a pass. That will never come up again. You ARE MCSA.

    Good luck for the future.
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    Congrats, just like me Im kind of brain dead too. Working in a new job and still doing 3-4 hrs a night studying.
    What next?
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    Congrats! I too just passed to get my MCSA. I'm working full time and still coming home and hitting the books and studying for the next cert which is the 70-292 upgrade exam. It's a never ending cycle, there is just so many certs out there now. Sometimes I think I'm addicted to getting certs...Oh well that's just me.
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    would I be able to do the 218 without taking the 215 first in your opinion?
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    I would take 70-215 and get it out the way....
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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