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I am interested in a career in wireless security. I am testing for my A+ very soon and had planned on pursuing Network +, Linux+ and Security+ afterwards. After finishing my entry-level foundationish Comptia certs I was thinking of CWNA and CWSP. What do you guys think of this path? Is it ideal for a career in wireless security? Right now I am favoring vendor-neutral certs (with the exception of Linux) but I am open to whatever you guys feel is best for a career in wireless security. I had also entertained the CEH cert because I am taking an Ethical Hacking class at a community college. Thanks in advance!


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    This is my point of view. Others will most likely have other aspects/recommendations.

    From my understanding and knowledge I've attained so far. Wireless security currently is pretty weak. Wireless is currently in the "baby" stages we can say. Just beginning. It's not perfected, speeds aren't _that_ high and right now, I would believe most corporations don't implement wireless networks inless 1. They set the access point on like the 50th+ floor of a building or 2. It's not connected to the internal network so it doesn't require much administration.

    Your current path is pretty good, maybe a bit overboard. (Wondering why Linux+, possibly security+) Although security+ would be good since it will teach you how much wireless technologies currently suck right now. (security wise)

    Also, I think cisco has a certification for wireless, why not check that out if your interested since cisco is whoring the networking industry.

    Other then that, I would recommend getting something like CCNA, CCNA, CCIE. Since right now wireless isn't too well. But of course keep an eye on wireless. It will eventually become better, and it will eventually take over physical transmission.
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